BTS, (also known as the Bangtan Boys), is a korea pop band that is very popular. It consist of 7 members, (this is a list of them by stage name):

  • Rap Monster: The leader of the group and a rapper. In the picture above he is on the left side standing up with a black hat on.
  • Suga: Another rapper in the group. In the picture above he is standing on the right side with faded rose colored hair.
  • Jungkook: He is a vocalist in the group and is one of the top 3 best dancers in the group. In the picture above he is standing in the very center wearing white pants and a white shirt with a black design on it.
  •  J-Hope: He is also a rapper like Suga and Rap monster. He is one of the top 3 best dancers in the group. In the picture above he is crouched down on one knee on the right side. He is wearing a black hat and a white shirt.
  • Jimin: He is a vocalist in the group and one of the top 3 best dancers in the group. In the picture above he is crouched down on the left side with a black shirt that says “now”.
  • V:  He is a vocalist in the group. In the picture above he is standing the very end on the right side. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a white jacket over it and white pants.
  • Jin: He is a vocalist in the group. In this picture he is standing on the very end on the left side. He is wearing a white shirt with a black design on it and black pants.


Each member is a very important part of this band. They are known for their songs having good lyrics and for having great choreography. They have both upbeat songs and slow songs that are all amazing. They are my favorite Kpop band and I seriously think that you should try to listen to one of their songs.


Bearpaws v.s Uggs


The debate on the brand of boots Bearpaws and the brand Uggs has been big this winter. Both Uggs and Bearpaws are good quality shoes. Uggs do come in more fashions but bearpaws are cheaper with the same amount of quality. I love both boots and to be completely honest, when choosing which brand you want to wear, it comes down to inf you want a certain color, style, and the amount that you want to spend on your boots. I personally love bearpaws because they keep your feel snugly and warm and they also look super cute!

Dance Moms


The show Dance Moms is going to be starting their 6th season and their as been a lot of talk about if the show should continue or not. Some people believe that the choreographer and owner of the company, Abby Lee Miller, is to hard on her students and needs to be less intense and tough on her dance students. On the other hand, others believe that Abby is hard on her students in order to prepare and better them for when they are professionals and are actually dancing for their careers. I personally enjoy watching the show but I feel Abby is a little too tough on her dance students sometimes. Furthermore, the drama that goes on between the moms can be ridiculous and that the moms can be extremely over dramatic. So if you are into shows that are fully packed with drama, then this is defiantly a show for you.



The sport soccer is an amazing, entertaining, engaging, and joy filled sport! It helps strengthen leg muscles and increase indurance. It also helps to train people to make good decisions fast. I personally love this sport and I hope that you all will consider to try playing soccer. And keep in mind, you don’t have to like watching soccer on TV in order to enjoy playing, (I dislike watching soccer TV but I love playing it). Overall, this sport is amazing!

Panic! At The Disco

To make sure that you guys didn’t think that I only review books and movies, I am going to review the band Panic! At The Disco. This is one of my favorite bands and I love that there music varies in speed and varies in topic. Many people don’t bother to try because they think that Panic! At The Disco is heavy metal music, which is wrong. It is a mix of both Rock music and Pop music. Personally, my favorite song by them is “Girls/Girls/Boys”; this song is very upbeat and fun to sing to and to dance too. I hope that you guys will give this band a try and will consider listening to a few of their songs to see if you enjoy their music as much as I do.

The Hunger Games

download (10).jpg

The book The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is an amazing book and I highly recommend this book! The movie is also an awesome take on the book, and it includes small details that people who read the book appreciate. I am extremely sad that they have made the last movie to the series because now we can’t watch anymore of the series come alive on screen. Me, and many others, hope that Suzanne will make a follow up series, or maybe even a prequel to the movie.